Solano Benítez : “Obra”



Solano Benítez: “Obra”

In 1987, Solano founded Gabinete de Arquitectura, the office he currently shares with Alberto Marinoni and Gloria Cabral. Solano has received multiple awards such as an Honorary Membership in the American Institute of Architects (2012), an Honorable Mention of Paraguay’s National Congress for contributions to the country (2011). In turn, the Gabinete de Arquitectura has among other honors earned the Work of the Decade award, for the period 1989-1999, of the Paraguayan College of Architects (1999). The Gabinete de Arquitectura was also a finalist in the 2nd Mies van der Rohe Award for Latin America (1999), and represented Paraguay in the Venice Biennale, and the São Paulo biennial, and in Lisbon during its stint as Ibero-American Capital of Culture. Solano has been a guest speaker in many universities around the world, including the Harvard Graduate School of Architecture.

His work is part of the architecture that is more inclined towards materials and less concerned about form. Bricks take the main stage in his research, his method being low consumption of construction materials which is also his strategy to deliver his work. His strong commitment to experimentation with bricks has turned his work into an international reference on this specific material.

In the words of Solano, architecture is more a social problem than a spatial one; and it’s not so much about form, the key lies in rethinking construction.


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