Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera: “Recent Work”



Emiliano López & Mónica Rivera: “Recent work”

Monica Rivera and Emiliano Lopez hold a Master’s degree from Harvard University and have been teachers in various schools of design and architecture; such as, the University Rovira i Virgili, Elisava, the School of Architecture at the International University of Catalonia (ESARQ-UIC), and currently lecturing at the ETSAV.
Since it was set up in Barcelona in 2001, the practice has focused primarily on public works in the form of competitions and selected private commissions. Its works has received various awards, including the 7th Latin American Biennale Award 2010, the Young Architects’ Prize of the 10th Spanish Architecture Biennale 2009, the FAD Prize for Architecture 2008 and the AR Emerging Architecture Award 2008.
Their most recent work, House in Port de la Selva has been nominated not only for the FAD Prize 2013, but also of the 2013 Architecture Awards of the province of Girona.

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