Johnston Marklee: Generic Specificity

Mark Lee

Mark Lee is the principal of Johnston Marklee & Associates. The Los Angeles-based firm has been engaged in a range of institutional, residential, and commercial commissions nationally and internationally in sites ranging from California, Texas and Hawaii to China, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Switzerland, and Italy since the office opened in 1998. Adopting an interdisciplinary design approach in exploring emergent design strategies and solutions for architecture and urbanism, Johnston Marklee has received several awards, including two P/A Design Awards, four AIA Los Angeles Honor Awards, two AIA Los Angeles Merit/Citiation Awards, the 2007 American Architecture Award from the Chicago Athenaeum, and the nomination for the 2010 Chernikov Prize in Architecture.

Combining his academic and design expertise, Mark Lee conducts speculative research based on critical reassessments of architectural and urban design history. Developing theories on the urban development and housing at border cities, culture-specific topological landscapes, and new design strategies in material form and technology, he has written and lectured widely on his research. Mark Lee has taught at the Federal Institute of Technology (E.T.H.) in Zurich, the Technical University of Berlin, and at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); where he has served as Vice Chair of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design.

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  1. Retroenllaç: HIC Arquitectura » Johnston Marklee | ‘Generic Specificity’

  2. “Johnston Marklee: Generic Specificity | Foros ESARQ” was in fact a quite good blog post, .
    Continue creating and I’ll continue to keep reading through! Regards -Stefanie

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